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A letter from Lorem Ipsum, the CEO of Sleepytown USA


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One disturbing study discovered in our research was the level of flame retardants used in furniture, including mattresses, found in the breast milk samples of women across the United States

As an official stockist of all brands, we offer watches for men & ladies.

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We go through the rigorous expense, training and inspections annually to qualify as one of only a few dually certified organic factories in the United States, and we have additional layers of quality checks, safety systems and certifications in place to maintain the absolute highest standards. We ensure our workers are treated fairly, with safe working conditions, humane hours, and a livable wage.

The result is not only an amazing place to work, but the production of amazing products – the most comfortable, healthy mattresses you’ve ever slept on, made in California by proud artisans who are masters of their craft.


Lastly, we pride ourselves on our active advocacy. Esse quam videri means “to be, rather than to seem to be.” We don’t scour the internet for environmentally friendly badges to buy and post on our website as several companies do. We donate real money to real organizations making a difference, and we have since the beginning.

Although we don’t publicly speak of our efforts often, you can learn more about our dedication to empowering the voice of those seeking to make our world a better place on our Advocacy page.

In the end, it’s not our advocacy, or even our materials that define us. It’s our drive to make your bedroom the safest, most comfortable place to recuperate from the daily challenges life provides.